About The Yarn Crawl

The Best Little Yarn Crawl in Texas

October 7th-16th, 2016

Shops will be open 10am-6pm every day of the crawl. On Sunday October 16th the hours will be 10am-5pm.
(Note that some shops will have extended hours on certain days. Please check individual store pages for their specific crawl hours.)

Join us for ten fun-filled days crawling your way through 19 yarn shops around and about central Texas! Bring family, meet up with friends, make new ones, and see all the great things each shop has to offer. To add to the fun, you will have lots of chances to win PRIZES! Along the way, we hope you discover new ways to fuel your fiber passion and meet local fiber artists up close and delight in their wares. Best of all, rekindle your love for all the yarn and fibers the Hill Country has to offer.

Please Note:  There has been an error on the passport map inside your passports. Please change the very top 1 on I-35 to the number 12 and change the number 85 on Hwy 290 to an 18. This will ensure that you don’t miss one shop along the way. I apologize for the inconvenience.

How to Play:

Pay an entry fee of $15, which entitles you to: 1) Yarn Crawl Passport and Passport Stamp Page,and a commemorative stitch marker. 2) two exclusive, specially-designed patterns at each shop you visit, 3) a 25% discount on 2 yarns highlighted for the patterns at each of those shops, and 4) a super cool commemorative yarn crawl bag to the first 1000 participants.

How to Win?

Each yarn shop will be giving prizes away daily! The more shops you visit, the better your chances of winning cool prizes. Turn in your passport card at the last shop you visit because this year we are having three grand prizes!  This provides more opportunities to win.  In addition to the daily prizes, will be having grand prizes for those who make it to at least 8, 13 and all 19 shops.

Rules of Engagement: We’re easy! Each participant must:

  • have their own passport card
  • fill out the contact information on the passport card (having pre-printed labels with this information will help speed you through this process)
  • be present at each yarn shop to get your passport card stamped (i.e., no proxy crawling)
  • be at least 10 years of age

All passport cards must be turned in by end of business on Sunday, October 16th. Remember to print clearly on your passport card – we need this information to contact you!

Winners will be posted here and will be contacted by the shop they have chosen to hold their prize*.

Grand Prize winners will be drawn on Oct. 28th, 2016.

*Note that winners who have not claimed their prized in 10 days will forfeit them and alternate winners will be chosen


For those of you who are on Instagram we are having  Prize drawings for those who participate this year as well.  There will be a prize drawn via random number generator for your post on the #hcyc2016 and also a prize drawn for those who post on the #crawlhaul16 as well.  These prizes will be drawn at the end of the crawl.  So, get your phone cameras ready and get some great pictures of you, your friends ,and all of the fibery goodness of the crawl!


44 thoughts on “About The Yarn Crawl

  1. I am looking for information about the 8th annual hill country yarn crawl. Please tell me where to get it.

    Loredia Potts

    1. this is the website for the yarn crawl – we are just in the first steps of organizing it but the dates are already posted on the front page! we’re glad you will be joining us!

    1. Hi Denise,

      We are looking forward to see you as well. You don’t have to a pick a day. We run the Yarn Crawl over 10 days so you have a enough time to visit as many shops as possible. The goal is to fill your passports with the all the stamps and enter it for the grand prize. Good luck and we wish you a safe travels. -Enid (YBSA)

    1. Hi Linda, Thanks for your interest. We are a group of yarn shops sprinkled around and about Central Texas. 🙂
      When you participate in our yarn crawl, you will get a chance to see all the selections of yarns and different services we provide. Collectively we carry supplies and notions to support Crochet, Knitting, Needlepoint, Weaving, Spinning, etc.
      We hope you try it out this year, and we look forward to your visit.

  2. If only 650 passports are being sold (13 stores, with only 50 passports each), how can there be 800 first participants? Are the passports not really limited? Or do you not need a passport to get the commemorative yarn crawl bag? Just trying to figure out what my chances are at getting a bag. My math says 123%. 🙂

    1. Hi there, 650 is the number of passports out at the shops for presales… come the day of the crawl, there are another 350 available. HTH

    1. The address, phone number and website of each store is listed on each store page in the passport as well as a map with each store marked on the first page of the passport – you shouldn’t have any trouble finding everyone! Passports are on sale now so you can get one and plan your route!

    1. You will be registering at each store you visit for prizes but that’s the only thing you have to register for. We are no longer offering the buses because there are so many stores involved it was not possible to get a route that included each store. There are people discussing car-pooling and riding with friends in our forum on Ravelry “The Best Little Yarn Crawl in Texas” You might want to post something there if you’d like to get a group together or find a group!
      See You Soon!!

  3. I’m confused, how do I register and pay the 10$.
    I went to the register link, but it only takes me to wordpress.com, not very helpful.
    I need to know what I am supposed to do before I go to the stores.

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  5. I went to your yarn crawl some years back (before my baby was around) and you did a bus tour to the stores, are you not doing that anymore?

  6. I am excited to win this Instagram contest. I’m just wonder what # to use. The one listed in the website is different from the one listed in th brochure (#crawlhaul2015 vs. #crawlhaul15). Which one is correct? Also, the website says there will be two different drawings for Instagram, one for the #hcyc2015 and for which ever of the ones above is correct. However the brochure denotes only one Instagram contest/ prize. If you can’t tell. I’m excited. I just picked up my bag today. Oh yeah one more ? If I were to win a prize would I be able to have a proxy pick it up? I know there is no proxy for the actual crawl but I live I Houston so it’s gonna be tough for me to get to one of these places again within ten days (I have to work sometime 😀)

  7. We have a group of about 10 that are doing the crawl together the last weekend. We live in Houston near the coast and have no participating shops near us. Is there anyway we can pre-order passports. We will have sad ladies if we miss out.

  8. Hi! My friend and I are planning a vacation trip to participate in the yarn crawl. We would like to get our passports, etc prior to our arrival. Problem is, we live in Midland/Odessa, so no participating LYS. Is it possible to pay for the things and have them sent to us? Would gladly pay for expedited delivery. Thanks for your help.

  9. I’ve read that each store is open each day of the crawl and that some stores have extended hours so check their page in the passport for those stores and their hours. In doing so, I note that there are several stores that are closed Monday and Tuesday. I just want to confirm that regardless of what their page in the passport says, those stores who are normally closed on Monday/Tuesday WILL be open the Monday and Tuesday of the crawl. Thx.

  10. I am extremely new to the area, a single mom with no car. How can I find the closest LYS to me? The crawl sounds fun, but not feasible for me. I’d rather support a LYS than a chain stores that sells mediocre yarn anyway.

  11. I live in Houston. How can I pay for a friend I want to come with me? Can I order two passports under my name and credit card?

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